VA Women’s Health Transition Training

September 21, 2020

Welcome! The VA is not your grandfather’s VA anymore, it’s much more inclusive! Register for a training to educate servicewomen on women’s health care services available from VA after separation from the military. This course provides an in-depth discussion about:

  • Female specific health care including reproductive services, maternity care, mental health services, newborn care, and gynecological care and musculoskeletal care.
  • Eligibility for VA health care and how to enroll.
  • Resources available for servicewomen during the military to civilian transition process.

This interactive and high-energy course is taught by a woman Veteran who uses VA health care and is designed to educate transitioning servicewomen about:

  • the woman-centric culture and infrastructure of VA to better serve women Veterans
  • women’s health care services (e.g. maternity care, cancer screenings, whole health, and mental health care services)
  • the process and eligibility requirements for enrollment — you don’t have to be disabled to receive health care at the VA
  • connecting with other women Veterans through women-specific networks, resources, and programs post-service
  • how to find your local VA facility and POCs for additional support

This is a voluntary program intended to complement TAP and to provide all servicewomen with specific women’s health information that will aid the transition to civilian life.

The goal of the program is that participants leave the course feeling empowered to proactively manage their health care and to be comforted by their new support system at VA who can guide them through the military transition process and help them navigate personal health and wellness for the rest of their lives.

Learn more about Why You Should Participate in WHTT.

For more information and to register, visit https://www.va.gov/womenvet/whtt/index.asp