Vanquishing the Invisible Portrait Exhibit Honors Women Veterans

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Vanquishing the Invisible Portrait Exhibit
Honors Women Veterans, Impacts State Fair Viewers

“Were gratified by the remarkable response to our exhibit Vanquishing The Invisible at the California
State Fair. The impact our exhibit created, garnered write in votes for the People’s Choice Award in the
Photography and Fine Arts exhibition during the 2019 California State Fair. Even though we were not
official candidates for the award, our viewers response reinforces our mission to bring visibility to
Women Veterans,” stated the Morrison’s.

Vanquishing the Invisible is a compelling portrait series of Women Veterans designed to raise awareness
on the toughest issue they face today – invisibility. Using powerful imagery and personal narratives
Vanquishing The Invisible reveals the sacrifices, triumphs, and lives of a diverse set of contemporary
Northern California women veterans. Avoiding the stereotypical harsh black and white mega-print depicting
veterans as victims, the Morrison’s portrait exhibit focuses on answering the question “What Does A
Women Veteran Look Like?” with powerful images and stories that inform, inspire, and amaze.

The exhibit questions the public’s point of view about Women Veterans by offering an innovative approach
focusing on the challenges Women Veterans face and the diverse paths they choose to succeed in their
personal and professional lives. It also educates the public on the changes needed in attitude and
perception necessary for the Women Veterans to thrive in our communities.

“The portrait campaign came together four years ago, when Melissa Washington, Founder and
President of the Women Veterans Alliance, approached us to help visually define Women Veterans,”
stated photographer James Morrison, U.S.Navy Veteran. “We embraced the opportunity to bring
visibility to these women warriors, not expecting the impact this project would have on our lives.”
“We ask the public to join our mission to foster the changes needed in our society by recognizing and
supporting our Women Veterans and their families. They represent the very fabric of our communities
and our country,” added Mara Morrison, writer and co-creator of the portrait project.

Vanquishing The Invisible, an original portraits series of Northern California women veterans created by
James & Mara Morrison of James R. Morrison Photography of Fair Oaks, California. Please join them in
honoring Women Veterans and help educate future generations on the legacy of women in the military. For
more information contact them through www.VanquishingTheInvisible.com

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