Veteran Employment Experiences – Perspectives from the Frontlines

November 22, 2021

Hello! We invite you to participate in our survey Veteran Employment Experiences – Perspectives from the Frontlines.

This survey has been prepared in response to a Congressional mandate to gather information about the barriers and facilitators to Post 9/11 women Veteran’s employment. To understand the unique challenges of Post 9/11 women Veterans, we are inviting men and women Veterans from all eras to complete this survey. We do this to identify specific differences in employment experiences for different types of Veterans.

As a Veteran, you have first-hand knowledge about employment experiences “from the frontlines” – in other words, your lived experience. The goal of this survey is to understand the employment experiences of Post-9/11 women Veterans, compared to Post-9/11 Veteran men, Veterans of earlier eras, and their non-Veteran counterparts.

We value the perspectives of all Veterans. The information you provide will be incredibly valuable to understand the experiences and perspectives of Veterans. The information you provide in this survey will not be linked to any military or VA records. We do not collect your name or other identifying information. Your survey responses will be used with survey answers from other Veterans to inform a report to Congress on Veteran employment challenges, barriers, and successes, especially for Post 9/11 women Veterans. Congress will use this report to improve policy, programs, and to support women Veteran employment outcomes.

We value your insight and thank you for your participation.

This survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.