Veterans in the Community study

November 24, 2020

My name is Katherine Grein, and I am currently a graduate researcher at the University of Notre Dame, in Notre Dame, IN, and have been working on a research study with veterans of the U.S. armed services.

I was wondering if the opportunity to participate in this study might be something that you might be willing to disseminate to the women who access your services/are part of your veteran’s alliance?

We have recently put the study up online, and made it available via phone or via mail, in response to COVID-19, allowing us to gain perspectives from veterans nationwide. We have also recently been reaching out to organizations that serve veterans and nationwide groups of veterans in order to spread the word about the study. We are particularly interested in having more women participate, as so far women’s voices have been underrepresented in our study.

The study has been approved by the University of Notre Dame research ethics review board, and I have included more information about the study below. I would also be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the study, either via email at veteransudy@nd.edu or kgrein@nd.edu, or by text or call at (574)-334-9314.

About the study:
The goal of the study is to learn more about what veterans need and want from their communities, and whether stressful experiences they’ve had affect their sense of community. We are also interested in how their perspective on social issues may affect their sense of their community. The study is composed of 3 surveys, each spaced about a month apart. Participants do also get compensation for their time!

We hope to use this information to help guide future directions for services from local veterans’ organizations, as well as to help inform how veterans organizations stay connected with veterans, and encourage veterans to connect with one another.
A link to sign up for the study can be found here: https://nd.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_82CfzfLAfNazrOB

More information about the study can be found on our website (www.veteranstudyND.com) and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/VeteranStudyND)

Thank you for your time and consideration! I completely understand if this is not a request that you can fulfill, particularly with how hectic this period may be, given planning around COVID-19.