VTN Commerce Club

May 8, 2021

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The VTN Commerce Club is an organization that is really making a difference through their unique mix of shopping, entertainment and fun. They are a movement that is growing all over the country. VTN Commerce club is the only national TV variety show that is driving traffic for merchants and sellers at no cost. They are helping keep small businesses alive and to retain the revenue within the local communities and do not keep a percentage off any sales.


For only 15 dollars a month you can avail yourselves of this once in a lifetime business opportunity.  Every time you sign up you will be helping to raise awareness and support not just for your local community but also for an amazing cause, helping and empowering veterans, a cause that is very dear to my heart.


If you are a small business, not only will you benefit from the immense exposure and visibility on all their platforms, but also you can have a chance to be on national TV with the celebrities.


If you sign up as a member you get the chance to be part of the exciting contests and competitions. The lucky winners will also be showcased on national TV. Not only that you get the assurance of knowing that all of your purchases goes towards supporting local businesses and non-profits.


If you want to know more about what I do and how you can be associated with us please click on this link: https://vtncommerceclub.com/promotion-women-veteran-alliance/?wpam_id=18