We’re answering the call!

Did you know that women veterans are the fastest-growing population? They're currently 10% of the total veteran population (22 million) & by 2043, that's expected to rise to 16.3%.

More than 15,000 women transition out of the military each year & many of them experience difficulty during this time:

  • loss of identity
  • loss of community (being with others who "get" them)
  • discrimination
  • isolation
  • not feeling prepared to navigate resources in their local community
  • a lack of confidence

This often leads to an increase in:

  • further isolation
  • loss of jobs/business
  • homelessness
  • depression
  • suicide

This is not ok.

We believe every woman veteran (and her family) deserves to be seen, honored, and supported with the same utmost care and respect that she gave her nation, that she gave you and me.

We're answering the call!

As a women-operated organization, we specifically serve the unique needs of women veterans by creating an ecosystem of community that provides inspiration and encouragement to help these women who have valiantly served our country. We offer a coordinated network to assist women veterans with:

  • mental health services
  • community engagement
  • social support
  • hopefulness
  • quality of life improvement
  • career & business services
  • financial support
  • housing support
  • address food insecurity
  • connect them with VA Benefits (Disability, Education, Home buying & more)

Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration is not equipped to support the whole economic health of women veterans and that makes what we are doing even more crucial. As we look at the numerous gaps in resources, we have formed programs that have a significant impact on women veterans. Programs to fill the gap when it comes to funding, training, and resources for women veterans who are looking to start or expand a business. Helping women that have served transition back successfully into their communities. Helping them find their purpose.

Our reliable, successful professional platform and distinctive infrastructure provide invaluable knowledge & resources in an environment that is comfortable for women who have served and are currently serving in the military.

Women Veterans Giving, Inc. (WVG) is committed to:

  • narrowing the gap between civilian and military relations
  • empowering women of all leadership positions
  • assisting in the reintegration to civilian life
  • helping them find fulfillment in the professional world
  • encouraging a sense of belonging
  • empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • and building a supportive educated community

WVG is women veterans lifting each other up, for all to succeed and create a better community.  

You can help.

Through your monthly gift, you'll educate & empower a woman veteran each month ensuring her and her family have the support they need and deserve to continue serving our country and community.

Visit the Women Veterans Giving website to learn more.