Women In Technology Full Scholarship

June 5, 2017

cp logo - Women In Technology Full ScholarshipCode Platoon, the nonprofit organization creator of the best-in-class 14-week Coding bootcamp exclusively for veterans, will sponsor a Full Scholarship for an extraordinary woman veteran, for the upcoming fall cohort. That cohort (Delta Platoon) is currently accepting applications through July 18th. What makes this effort special, is awarding this scholarship to a woman veteran, with the goal in mind of making a push to incentivize women veterans that are curious about a career in computer programming, to take the plunge.

Programming is one of the highest paying and most in-demand careers you can find these days—and Code Platoon specifically designs an immersive 14-week program for veterans, including career development and internship opportunities, in an environment where veterans can successfully transition to a career in tech.

The mechanics of this award will be a result of the competitive admissions process, which already recognizes that special resilience that our vets bring. Code Platoon already awards scholarships of up to 80% tuition for those extraordinary vets who prove their grit and motivation to kick off their careers.

“What sets us apart is that we challenge our vets to keep giving their best as we prepare them with the tools they need to succeed in a new career. We know that women make up about 25% of IT roles and the industry has documented and is in the process of dealing with a gender bias. At Code Platoon we are extremely proud that we are absolutely egalitarian, and we want to do our part in making things equal. We already do our best to offer the best financial aid in the industry thanks to partnerships with wonderful organizations, this is just a small but additional effort as we grow, to help the cause of narrowing that gap.” said Rodrigo Levy, Founder and Managing Director of Code Platoon.

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