Women Veterans Panel wows Aptos!

March 18, 2018

On March 3th during Women’s History month, the Aptos Library in conjunction with the Veterans Connect at the Library hosted a women veterans panel. David Addison from the Santa Cruz Library said, “the panel and moderator Carolann did an amazing job of informing us, inspiring us and showing us how military service has changed their lives both during active duty and well beyond. Those of us in attendance were blown away by your awesomeness, your level of achievement and what you continue to give back to your communities. You are an inspiration to girls and young women everywhere. (not to mention the rest of us!)”

women veterans alliance 2 300x225 - Women Veterans Panel wows Aptos!

L to R: Ashley Pyles, Rachael Koehler, Carolann Wunderlinn, Harmony Oswald, Valerie Rivera

Carolann Wunderlin, Air Force Veteran and moderater shared, “these women veterans were clear about 2 things: lack of information and support during their transition from the military only served to fuel their fire for service to other women, veteran or not. It was evident that each of them overcame obstacles by defeating their own fears and transforming them into rungs on a ladder that were necessary for elevating themselves to new heights.”

She also shared, “those in the audience were directly pinged for questions and observing their reaction to the question I had the delightful pleasure of witnessing their awe of these women. Questions presented were all preceded by their gratitude and relief that there is indeed an emergence of women veterans that are breaking the glass ceiling in law, academia, high tech, cyber security, corporate culture.

The second thing is that they were focused on empowering not only each other during the panel but also other women. These women veteran leaders are also mothers, innovators, groundbreakers and are women to watch and follow for 2018 and beyond!”



Carolann Wunderlin Air Force Veteran and moderator

Harmony Oswald      Army Veteran

Rachael Koehler       Army Veteran

Valerie Rivera          Air Force Veteran

Ashley Pyles             Air Force Veteran