Womens Only BHIP MST “Courage Group”

November 10, 2020

We are taking new referrals for the newly formed WOMENS ONLY BHIP MST “Courage Group.” 

The Courage Group will start 11/19/20. This is a 12-week group that meets every Thursday from 1000-1200 via VCM ONLY. 

This group will focus only on the following: 

*  How beginning to speak out about what happened can be very powerful and can break the chain of avoidance

*  Addressing unresolved issues related to MST

*  Inspiration to move forward in life

*  Explore and address the impact their MST has caused in her life 

PLEASE ADVISE ALL REFERRALS …Participants will have an opportunity to share their trauma experience; in effort to recount the impact it has on them however, they ARE NOT required to do so. Therefore, Veterans who have been recently released from in-patient mental health, or those who struggle with chronic si/hi/ahv are not advised for participation.


Robbin Caneva, LCSW, BHIP Senior Social Worker, Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Coordinator Veterans Administration,(909) 825-7084 X 7524, Direct Line:  (909) 894-7770