WX Featured Member: Drina Black, Marine Corps

October 20, 2016

Drina Black e1476979502636 225x300 - WX Featured Member: Drina Black, Marine Corps

Business Name: Goliath Marketing

Industry: Online Media and Marketing

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Years of service: 4

Rank and rate: E4 Corporal, 1345 Heavy Equipment Operator

What made you choose to serve? I wanted to do something with my life besides rely upon others. Also, no plan as a senior and not wanting to go to college, leaves you few choices. My grandfather was a Marine and took me to a Marine Corps recruiter. I figured if I was going to give all of myself over might as well go with the best and hardest!


When you got out, what led you to start your business? The independence of being my own boss and having control of my income.

Share a memory that you feel helped to define you. The feeling when the DI called out Platoon 4027 Dismissed on graduation day from boot camp in Parris Island. You did an about face and you were done, you had survived and earned the title of United States Marine. Looking back I still have that pride, that knowing deep inside it’s mine and no one can ever take it away. Once a Marine, Always a Marine.